Ultrasound Technician Schools in California

If you’re set on becoming an ultrasound technician – and let’s face it, the outlook for this particular medical support profession does look very positive given the increase in the number of retired baby boomers projected in 2010-2020 – you’ll next need to decide where you’ll getting your educational qualification.

Ultrasound Technician Schools in California

The most important thing to look for in colleges that have ultrasound tech programs is accreditation – from a nationally recognized body such as the CAAHEP or the ARRT.

Fortunately for Cali residents, there are plenty of ultrasound technician schools in Southern California that offer quality training in the profession, with proper accreditation.

Here are some that we’ve cherry picked for you:

CBD College

This LA based ultrasound technician school has a 22 month long Associate of Applied Science in Diagnostic Medicine program, carrying accreditation from both the CAAHEP and the ARRT.

The costs for tuition and other expenditures amount to $40,000 for the entire program, and the graduation rate for the intake of 2014-2015 was 82%, with a 71% final job placement rate.

Orange Coast College

This Costa Mesa-based school offers a CAAHEP accredited Associate’s degree in General Sonography, that is taught over a period comprising of a single intercession right after enrollment, then four semesters, and finally a summer session.

General SonographyThe courses taught include physics and instrumentation, sectional anatomy, vascular ultrasound, OB/GYN sonography, clinical training, and pathophysiology.

This school is particularly relevant for individuals who are on a tight budget, as the entire cost of the program is just $5,200, and there are plenty of federal and state-sanctioned financial aid options to meet this already modest cost.

It should also be noted that this school has very high ARDMS success rates – with SPI, abdomen and vascular sonography graduates from the class of 2015 all gaining the credential successfully, while OB/GYN success rate for ARDMS is at 90%.

Platt College Los Angeles

Situated at 1000 South Fremont Avenue, Suite A9 West in Alhambra, Platt College is a renowned ultrasound technician Los Angeles Institute offering Associate’s Degree program in Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound).

This CAAHEP accredited program covers topics including physics, anatomy and physiology, ultrasound physics, medical terminology, superficial structures, abdomen, vascular applications, and obstetrics/gynecology sonography.

The program is a bit expensive – amounting to around $38,500 in total for tuition, books, and supplies, but several financial support options are available including FSEOG, Pell Grant, Veterans Administration Educational Assistance, Stafford Student Loans, as well as state grants and private assistance.

Community Regional Medical Center

This is a top ultrasound technician school Bay Area residents can avail – located at 2823 Fresno Street, Fresno, the school offers certificate programs in Cardiac, Pediatric Cardiac, Vascular and General Sonography. The Adult Cardiac and General Tracks last for a year and a half.

Note that the school requires a Bachelor’s degree in any field, or a two-year Allied Health Degree as a Registered Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Radiographer or Radiologic Technologist, or Respiratory Therapist. It also requires you to hold a license in your relevant field.

Diagnostic Medicine programThe number of students in the General Track is 10, whereas the Adult Cardiac track only accepts four students. This means the entrance criteria will be a bit tough, but once you get in, you’d be able to get a lot of individual attention from the instructor.

Note that the program costs around $20K in its entirety and the school isn’t a part of any state or federal financial support programs, so make sure you’re set on your goal if you’ll be enrolling here. The program is accredited by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, as well as the CAAHEP.

Cypress College

Cypress College, located in Cypress, South Cali, offers a 16-month Certificate Program in Diagnostic Medical Sonography that is recognized by the ARRT and accredited by the CAAHEP.

CAAHEP accredited programSelection is made by your net GPA with relation to prerequisite qualifications, the experience you have in radiology already, both practical and formal.

The program focuses on general sonography, with courses including abdomen, pelvis, obstetrics and gynecologic, sonography physics, superficial structures, problem-solving, critical thinking, clinical training and Doppler techniques.

The estimated net cost of the program is under $5000, so it is suited to aspiring sonographers who have fallen on tough times – and plenty of state and federal sponsored financial aid opportunities are also available.

The school’s 2014 intake had an 84% graduation rate, and among the graduates, all passed the ARDMS test, and all ended up employed with a great pay rate for ultrasound technician.

Tabulated Summary of Top Ultrasound Schools in Southern California

School NameCityProgram NameProgram CostAccreditation
CBD CollegeLos AngelesAssociate of Applied Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography~$40,000CAAHEP, ARRT
Orange Coast CollegeCosta MesaAssociate’s degree in General Sonography~$5,200CAAHEP
Platt College Los AngelesAlhambraAssociate’s Degree Program in Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound)~$38,500CAAHEP
Community Regional Medical CenterFresnoCertificate programs in Cardiac, Pediatric Cardiac, Vascular and General Sonography~$20,000CAAHEP
Cypress CollegeCypressCertificate Program in Diagnostic Medical SonographyLess than $5000CAAHEP, ARRT

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