What Does a Medical Transcriptionist Do?

When we talk about the work in hospitals, we often imagine an education that lasts more than ten years. For many people, connecting your life with the medical sphere means a long-term studying. At some point, we must admit that it is true.

Medical Transcriptionist careerHowever, today we are going to speak about the profession that does not require from you a medical education. Nowadays, medical transcriptionists constitute an essential part of a healthcare industry.

Their contribution in this sphere is huge, and you can get a medical transcriptionist job from home.

Who is Medical Transcriptionist

First of all, we should say that transcriptionist is a specialist, that transcripts the recorded conversations or descriptions to the text.

It follows that a medical transcriptionist works in the hospital to reformat voice reports into the readable format. It is a very punctilious work that requires a high attention to details from the specialist.

How to become a medical transcriptionist

To work with the hospitals or clinics, you will need to pass the transcriptionist training. On the one hand, you can search for a similar school in your city to visit it. On the contrary, you may obtain all the needed skills via the medical transcriptionist online courses.

Medical transcriptionist trainingIt is up to you to choose what way is more comfortable for you. It may seem not that hard to work as a transcriptionist at some point, but it requires from you a lot of skills. You need an in-depth knowledge of medical terminology.

You should know how the process of treatment goes through. Moreover, the familiarity with the pharmacology is extremely valuable.

For most of the hospitals, it is not significantly required to have a certificate. When working as a transcriptionist, it mostly depends on the context of the report. Therefore, the official confirmation of your education is not that valuable.

What has the most efficiency is your practical skills. That is why spending about one year on completing a training program is so important. Not only you will get the diploma, but that will also increase your chances of getting hired. You will get all the needed skills that concern the spheres you will work with.

The medical billing and coding

The specialists that work in the healthcare industry like medical billers or coders can often hardly be differentiated Medical Transcriptionist working at homefrom transcriptionists. Their duties, however, diverge considerably, so this confusion is wrong.

Nevertheless, their lines of work connect each other often enough. Regarding, that the transcriptionist’s job is to convert records into the text format, biller’s and coder’s jobs may sound familiar to you. Medical coder’s job is to convert the readable medical texts into a code (numeric or alphanumeric).

The created code then passes on to the biller. Medical biller uses the received code, to create a bill for the insurance. These specialists make the financial system of a hospital. Working together, they make patients pay for the treatment and keep track of the bills.

How much does a medical transcriptionist make

When it comes to the question of a salary, the numbers differ a lot. The amount of earned money varies, depending on several factors. They become even more significant when we talk about a remote work from home.

One of the most meaningful factors is an experience. If you have none, then you will have a tough time obtaining it. You sometimes may even need to work for free.

Medical Transcriptionist jobsThose experienced ones, however, can earn an impressive sum of money. A place where you work and whom you are working for affects your salary as well. In most of the hospitals, the transcriptionists, that work at home considered to be paid less. Therefore, if the fact of you working in the hospital or clinic is necessary for your employer, you will need to sacrifice your comfort.

Otherwise, the amount of money that you are paid for your salary will be lowered. The certificate, which we were talking about earlier, may also help you. It is a common thing, for people to lie to their employers, to be hired.

As a result, they may refuse what you are saying if you do not have proper examples of your work experience. This is where the certificate may be useful for you.

Summering it all up, depending on all these factors, the average medical transcriptionist’s salary is about $15 per hour or $18,000 annual. Medical coder and billing salary differ a bit. The annual wage varies between $30,000 and $40,000.

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