Medical biller or Medical coder – What Job Pays Better?

It is not a secret for anyone that specialists, who work in the healthcare sphere should study a lot. Many years can pass before they may start working on their career.

This specificity, however, does not concern all the existing specialties, that are connected with the medical industry. Today we are going to talk about medical coders and billers.

We will have a look at both of the specializations and mention some important facts about them.

First of all, we will answer some questions that you may come up with. What is medical billing and coding? What is the difference between them? Here is a brief description.

Medical coder careerMedical coder is a professional, who reformats any text reports to the certain code. He keeps track of the procedure of treatment in the hospitals and then transforms all the needed information. After that, this code goes to the medical biller. With the use of it, he can make the corresponding bills that patients should pay.

These specialties may sometimes seem similar because they work together. When talking about medical billers and medical coders, people often do not separate them. We, on the contrary, are going to have a look on both of them individually. This will help you to choose, which one fits you most.

Medical coder

Is medical coding hard?medical coder job

To begin with, my answer to this question can not be objective. It always depends on a person. Some people may experience difficulties with understanding how the medical coding works.

Others may not be determined enough to study. Anyway, medical coding requires the in-depth knowledge of anything, that concerns a healthcare industry. Knowing of the many medical terms, anatomy, physiology and much more is essential for them.

Where can I learn medical coding?

Unlike other specializations, medical coding does not require from you a long-tern education.
You can visit a technical school or choose a training program on the Internet. Courses can last about two years, but it is possible to make it in one year or less.

Medical biller

Medical biller careerHow do I become a medical biller? As obvious as it is, the method is similar enough to what it takes to become a medical coder. All you need is to find the required online courses or school.

At the end of the term that lasts from two to four years, you will get all the required skills. Just like a medical coder, it is necessary to have a medical biller certification, that confirms your capability. Not all the online courses can provide you with it, so you should choose them wisely.

Can I do medical billing from home?

Nowadays, people have the ability to work from anywhere, if they have the needed competence.
Medical billers and coders are not different. If your employer accepts your terms, then it will not make much of a problem for you.

Medical biller and medical coder pay

As we mentioned this before, while talking about medical coding and billing, people do not separate them. However, the wages can differ. The average annual medical biller salary is $36,000 [source]. For medical coders, the median annual wage may vary between $34,000 and $57,000.

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