Medical Assistant Interviews and How to Get the Job

Applying for a job as a medical assistant

When applying for a job as a medical assistant you will need to look at the requirements of the employer. Most employers prefer applicants to have posts econdary education in the field, such as a certificate.

medical assistant practice testsThese certifications usually take around a year to complete. Certification is not mandatory in most states, but it will help you when looking to be hired as a medical assistant. These certifications will require you to take an examination at the end of the training before you can be certified.

Making sure you brush up on your knowledge before taking your examination will ensure you get the best examination score possible. Take a look at medical assistant practice tests before you take your examination, so you know what to expect, and the kind of questions you may be asked.

It is best to look at official tests, so something like the NCCT medical assistant practice test will be great. In no time, you will have completed your certification and be researching medical assistant interview questions.

Preparing medical assistant resume

As soon as you have completed your certification, you will need to start preparing your medical assistant resume. Taking a look at some medical assistant resume examples will help you with creating your CV.

There are lots of medical assistants resumes available online; have a read through and take in the key points you medical assistant resumeshould should include on your resume for medical assistant. However, make sure you never copy information from one of these examples.

Your resume should include your certification if you have received one and any relevant work experience. You may also wish to include skills you have which will help you do the job and make you more employable.

Make sure you read the job description thoroughly and tailor your resume to fit the requirements of the role you are applying for. Including the keywords from the job description on your CV will help you show your prospective employer you have read the description thoroughly.

It will also demonstrate that you are interested in the role and you are willing to take the time and care required to tailor a resume.

Preparing medical assistant cover letter

When drafting a cover letter for medical assistant job applications, they should be tailored just like your CV is. Including keywords from the job description in your medical assistant cover letter will prove your interest in the role.

Try and keep your cover letter relatively short and succinct. Most employers like a cover letter to be between half a page and a page long. Much longer than that, and most people won’t have the time or the inclination to read all you have written.

medical assistant cover letterYour cover letter is a great place to talk about your key skills and how they will help you do the job. This will also show that you know what skills are required and how to use them to get the best out of yourself and your training. Here are some of the essential skills for a medical assistant you may wish to talk about in your cover letter.

• Office skills – these will be things like administrative skills, dealing with paperwork and corresponding with people. You will need to have excellent computer skills.
• Medical administrative skills – being able to monitor medical supplies and create orders and keeping notes and records up to date. You may be required to make appointments and handle the billing of services.
• Interpersonal skills – you will be interacting with patients, so good personal communication skills are critical.
• Medical skills – medical knowledge will help you convey information to patients and provide assistance to doctors and nurses by drawing blood and sterilizing equipment.

Preparing for medical assistant interview

applying for medical assistants jobsWhen you are applying for medical assistants jobs, it is a good idea to go through some medical assistant interview questions and answers. Having a prepared response to some of the more common questions will help you feel more confident and ready for your interview. Some common interview questions for medical assistant roles are:

• How much experience do you have?
• What are your strengths?
• What are your weaknesses?
• Do you have experience in medical billing and coding?
• What do you like about being a medical assistant?
• What do you like least about being a medical assistant?

Make sure you do your research before you attend interviews and accept any jobs. Look up average salaries for medical assistants, what you can expect from the role and the hours you will be doing.

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