Can an American Registered Nurse Work in Other Countries?

Working abroad is a great adventure. It lets you explore the world and widen your horizons, meet other cultures and work on finding yourself.

It can sometimes be challenging to transition to a whole new environment, though. So, what does it take to become a nurse overseas? Here is some necessary information to consider when looking for international nursing jobs.

international nursing jobs1. Your Educational Background Matters

Even if you are an RN in the US and have some years of experience, some countries will not grant you a nursing license because of your completed education level.

If you completed an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing, you might not be able to work as an RN in some EU countries. This depends on the country criteria, but some choose to make the minimum education level a Bachelor of Science Degree.

The education you completed and the experience you gained will also be important factors in determining your salary.

The annual international travel nurse salary ranges from $47,120 to more than $102,990, depending on a series of factors. These include the experience, education and geographical location. The salary of a nurse practitioner abroad ranges from $500 per month to $3000 per month. Standard of life plays a very big role here.

2. How to work abroad as a nurse?American Registered Nurse Work in Other Countries

Nursing is one of the careers where demand is constant. The demand for nurses is on the rise in recent years and this trend will probably continue.

Nurses are especially wanted in third world countries, but even some EU giants are having problems satisfying the demand (Germany, for example).
The process is pretty simple when you put it in writing: apply, interview, legal processes and the move.

3. Language & Legalitysalary of a nurse practitioner

When considering your options, keep in mind that knowing the language of the country you are going to is a big plus. Communication plays a major role in medicine, and a nurse needs to be effective at it. Employers will check your language knowledge, but most will give you additional time to improve your skills.

Legality is very important, as you will need a work visa to work abroad. Some employers handle the complete process for you- from visa application to the approval.
The other will send you the work contract and invitation letter and leave the bureaucracy to you. It’s important to check all the boxes in your agreement with your future employer. Be aware of who is responsible for the visa process.

Also, some countries will ask you to contact their licensing body, so that your license can be re-issued. This is more common in first world countries, like the UK or Canada. This will usually mean you need to take your certification exam again.

Working as a nurse in any country is an amazing and noble career, but working abroad adds thrilling elements to it.

Carefully research the country you choose. Look for support online and from your future employer. And then the adventure begins.

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