The Different Types of Ultrasound Technician Jobs

There are lots of different ultrasound technician jobs. They are not just limited to producing images of babies for mum’s to be, which is what most people think of when they think of sonographer ultrasound technicians.

Ultrasound is used for a vast number of things, and it is a very versatile tool for diagnosis. Ultrasound devices send out a high-frequency wave of sound into the body of the person being scanned.

When the waves hit something, they bounce back and return as an echo. This then creates a picture, determined by what waves were returned and which passed through.

vascular ultrasoundsWhat it gives is the opportunity to look at soft tissues that do not show up on X-Rays. It can enable us to diagnose heart problems, recognize blocked arteries, detect cysts and even cancer. A diagnostic medical sonographer will do just this.

So, an ultrasound technician is not to be confused with an X-ray technician. And it is worth remembering that ultrasound technician salaries will vary, depending on which field you work in.

Often ultrasound technicians deal directly with the patient, whereas the doctor that will decipher the results from the scan will not. A sonographer will often be delivering information to the patient instead of the physician, so it is a unique position to be in.

Type of ultrasound

Abdominal ultrasound technicians specialize in the imaging of the systems and organs in the abdomen. They could help diagnose conditions such as tumors or kidney stones, along with many other conditions.

EchocardiographersEchocardiographers are technicians who are trained to image the heart. They will use their skill to monitor the hearts function and its capacity. Within this specialization, you can specialize further in adult, pediatric and fetal echocardiography.

An obstetric ultrasound technician is the one we are most familiar with. Along with producing images of unborn babies, they specialize in the female reproductive system and can diagnose reproductive and urinary infections problems.

Breast ultrasound uses no radiation and is, therefore, less invasive than a mammogram. Creating an image of the breast can complement mammograms and assist with a diagnosis along with x-rays.

NeurosonographersNeurosonographers are specialists in the detection and imaging of conditions in the brain and the spine.

Vascular sonography looks at the circulatory system – so, veins, arteries, and smaller vessels. They can use ultrasound to look at areas of weakness, blood flow, and blood clots, amongst other things.

Musculoskeletal ultrasound technicians create images of the joints and skeleton. They will also image the systems like ligaments and muscles that support the skeleton.
This can then be used by orthopedic surgeons and sports physicians to assist with diagnoses of injuries and problems.

There may be a particular field that you wish to focus on or specialize in. There may well be some additional training or examinations you will need to complete before being able to specialize in your chosen area.

Make sure you look into this so you are aware of the requirements as they may vary from field to field.

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