The 4 Best Paying Healthcare Careers for You

There is no question that healthcare careers are in high demand with no signs of slowing down. For many, if the choice wasn’t made earlier in their academic career the chance to enter the filed might be limited.

On top of that, the education required can take many years to accomplish and is too much for some individuals to commit to.

However, there are healthcare career which you can find that have fewer requirements and can be entered into with an associates degree. If one of these fits your skill set, you can be well on your way to having a high paying with solid opportunities.

Nutritionists Healthcare CareersDieticians or a Nutritionists

This field is becoming increasingly popular due to the number of people who are concerned about their weight. The nation as a whole is growing larger, and a lot of people are reverting to these healthy lifestyles.

For this career, a nutritionist is a route to take as a dietician must undertake an exam which leads to a bachelor’s degree. There are also other stringent requirements which would allow you to become a dietician.

A nutritionist isn’t governed by the same regulations so the position can be an excellent entering point while you build up knowledge and experience and then think of undertaking a bachelor’s degree. Average Salaries for these can be over $50,000 per year.

Nutritionists Healthcare CareersUltrasound Technicians

Although this job is crucial in modern healthcare, it can be one of the least stressful. You can enter into this file with as little as two years schooling.

From this point, you could be well on your way to using ultrasound technologies to produce live images of internal organs and limbs.

This technology is commonly seen used in pregnancy scans. However, it is used in other areas when scanning for tumors or scanning the heart and many other areas.

You might think it’s pretty easy and the schooling isn’t too long, so, how much do ultrasound techs make?

The position is better paid than you would expect and the average annual salary is a little over $70,000. This can be a great step as there are substantial opportunities to go further into this field later.

Radiologic Technologist Healthcare CareersRadiologic Technologist

This sounds complicated. However, it is the full name of an x-ray technician. This career can also be entered into with two years of the correct schooling like the Ultrasound tech.

It is, however, lower down the scale in both salary and the estimated job growth/ security. While an ultrasound tech runs at 17% job growth, an x-ray technician is only around 12%.

This is still good when looking at job security, although the salary level is much lower at somewhere in the $50,000 range.

Another difference is the x-ray tech is taking still images using up-to-date scanning equipment. You might then have to complete a report and update any patient records where they can be reviewed by their doctor.

Physical Therapist Assistant Healthcare CareersPhysical Therapist Assistant

This is another excellent career route which is along the others which have salaries in the $50,000 range.

As a member of a rehabilitation team for patients after an injury, you can help them to regain use of limbs and to have movement from their control.

Once the chief physical therapist has seen the patient and given a care plan, you can take over and provide the treatments. These can be a therapeutic exercise, soft tissue massage to ultrasound therapy.

It would also be a part of your duties to teach the best ways for patients to use aids such as canes or crutches to move under their own power.

This career might have more openings as it can be advertised in clinics, sports facilities, nursing homes and home care agencies rather than specific medical places.

The average salary is in the mid $50,000 bracket, but it has the advantage of having a projected job growth of 30%, so job security is higher.


All of these positions can be highly rewarding without too much schooling being required. The hardest being the dietician and the nutritionist because this can affect a person from your advice.

Physical therapist assistants might also find it difficult to progress much further than a fully-fledged physical therapist.

However, the ultrasound tech has plenty of areas of advancement should you choose to go that way once you have gained more experience.

With all of the above, each position can be a highly rewarding healthcare career which offers lots of job satisfaction and comfortable work environments.
For the next decade, there will be a continual demand for these positions so it might be time to look further toward them and see which one you might enjoy.

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